Save Up on Time and Money through Prior Learning Assessment

Good News for Working Adults All Over the World

Are you tired of your hectic, daily more-than-12 -hour work schedule? It does get stressful at times, especially when you aren’t getting time for other activities, whether academic, professional or personal. It is even more so if you have been in the same routine for a long period of time without a break. However, despite your extensive experience, you are still passed over for promotions or stuck in your current position due lack of better employment opportunities. The reason? You still lack the academic qualifications necessary to avail these chances. Today’s recruiters require the workforce to be well-educated and aware of the current industry trends and situations and how to deal with them. For that, a good formal education is very necessary.

Do You Know About Prior Learning Assessment?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an academic process through which you can get the academic equivalent of your work experiencing. This means that if you have extensive work experience in a particular field but no formal degree in it, you are eligible for the award of an academic degree that matches your work experience. Based on the duration and extent of your experience, you will either be the recipient of a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree.

Through Prior Learning Assessment, you can save up on time and money by getting a degree for what you already possess. There could be a variety of reasons why you couldn’t’ attend school or university. However, that is affecting your career in major ways that are hindering growth. All those years of working for a better future seem to be going to waste as they fail to bring about the desired results. Prior Learning Assessment is the best way to make use of these years and save them from being rendered useless.

With Prior Learning Assessment you can also save up on tuition fee as you get discounts for every credit course. This is because you already have experience and knowledge of the subject matter and are eligible for exemption relative to the degree of your prior learning. Again, this is an amazing way to save up on your hard earned money by getting credit for something you spent most of your life on. It also saves your work experience from being wasted and you can make the most of it. Working adults develop an acute sense of the real life professional world and the industry as they have been functioning in it for a long time and know its ins and outs.

How to Qualify for Prior Learning Assessment?

At Work Experience Credits, we offer Prior learning assessment degrees to all eligible candidates who fulfil the necessary equipments. These can be summarized as follows:

    You must submit all work experience documents like appointment and recommendation letters, job descriptions, training certificates and any major achievements.

    Create a complete professional profile that outlines your professional experience, duties you performed areas of interest, accomplishments, skills and certifications. This will help the evaluation committee to gauge the level of your expertise and knowledge and assign you a degree accordingly.

    Write an essay on an approved topic. This could (preferably) be related to your chosen field or area of expertise. the essay will highlight your grasp over the subject and make your application for a prior learning assessment degree a lot more stronger.

Work Experience Credits awards accredited and globally acceptable Prior Learning Assessment degrees to eligible candidates after they fulfill all the necessary requirements. In this way, Work Experience Credits is doing its part in preserving valuable and experienced human resources that can add to the productivity of the organization they get hired into as well as develop themselves and further their careers.

Prior earning Assessment is a very popular degree these days, preferred by working adults all over the world who cannot attend regular classes for a formal degree yet have the experience that makes them eligible for one. So if you are such an experienced professional, save up on your time and money by applying for a prior Learning Assessment Degree today and take advantage of all the promotions and better employment opportunities you deserve.