A lot of students go on to be eminent professionals in their chosen fields and contribute to it through their talent, hard work and innovations. Such people are then recognized for these same achievements and contributions which lend prestige and credibility to the individual’s profile.

Such people are often the recipients of academic degrees called honorary doctorate degrees. These are usually honorary doctorate degrees which are conferred upon the individual in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the field they belong to. Such a degree takes into account factors like research, experience and the impacts of any innovation that has been introduced and to what extent it has proven to be beneficial.

What is an Honorary Degree?

An honorary doctorate degree is an academic degree that s awarded on the basis of a person’s significant contributions to a specific industry or cause in which he or she has worked extensively. It could be a research activity, an innovation and implementation of that innovation that has brought about positive results. An honorary doctorate degree is society’s way of thanking and recognizing the individual for his or her efforts that have caused a great change. Because this degree is awarded to a few people who have made extraordinary contributions after a lot of hard work, the degree is usually an honorary doctorate or Master’s degree because it reflects the level of the achievement, in both academic and professional terms.

Who is Authorized to Grant an honorary Doctorate Degree?

An honorary doctorate degree, be it an honorary doctorate or Master’s degree, is awarded by a university or specialized institute. These are usually prestigious and recognized for their high standards of education in the world over and have conferred honorary doctorates before as well. Work Experience Credits is one such accredited authority that can confer honorary degrees to eligible candidates.

What are the Eligibility Criteria For An Honorary Doctorate Degree?

You can be the recipient of an honorary doctorate or master’s degree s you fulfil any of the following criteria:
1. You have conducted extensive research work in a particular industry that has resulted in benefit for society (or the world as a whole)
2. You have created something new (equipment, a new process, etc..) can that again affects existing functions and procedures in a constructive way.
3. You have extensive work experience in your chosen field and have a lot of professional and academic achievements to show for it.

How Can You Apply for an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

It is very easy to apply for an honorary degree.
1. Evaluate your achievements and decide which degree you want to apply for (honorary doctorate or Master’s). it’s always good to get a second opinion, especially from an authority figure who knows about and has experience in the matter.

2. Select which institute/university you want to receive your honorary degree from. Do a little research and find out which institutes have conferred honorary doctorate degrees before to which candidates and what their qualification were.

3. Fill out your application. Mention all the highlights of your work, taking care to emphasize all the important factors like methodologies and technologies used and the effects of the findings when implemented. If possible, get another professional to recommend your work. A reference from the same or related industry makes your application a lot more credible. Put all your documents in order, taking care not to miss out of anything.

4. Wait for an answer from the institute/university. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t reply, keep trying till you achieve what you aimed for.

At Work Experience Credits you can get an honorary doctorate degree for your work experience or for any other major contribution you have made. The evaluation committee will decide which degree you are most eligible for and you will be notified via email. At Work Experience Credits, you can be sure for getting full credit for your talents, hard work and merit.


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